Central Indiana Computational Chemistry Christmas Luncheon

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CICCCL (pronounced "chickle") is an annual luncheon held in Indianapolis to celebrate fellowship and good cheer among past and present scientists interested in computational chemistry. The first CICCCL was organized by Dr. Don Boyd in 1995. It proved very popular. The luncheons were organized by Don for almost 20 years. Over the years, attendees at the luncheons came from the following companies and educational institutions: Eli Lilly and Company, Dow AgroSciences, Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis (IUPUI), Indiana University - Bloomington (IUB), Butler University, Marian University, and Franklin College. Retirees and independent consultants also attend. Back in the 1990s, generous and competitive companies that were developing and selling software for the computational chemistry market were glad to donate gifts for distribution at the annual holiday event.

In 2016 Joe Klimkowski and Doug Johnson, both retired from Lilly, assumed organizational leadership of the luncheons.

Pictured on this page is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

Photographs taken at the luncheons can be viewed at the links below.

CICCCL 9 - December 2004
CICCCL 10 - December 2005
CICCCL 11 - December 2006
CICCCL 13 - December 2008
CICCCL 14 - December 2009
CICCCL 15 - December 2010
CICCCL 16 - December 2011
CICCCL 17 - December 2012
CICCCL 18 - December 2013
CICCCL 19 - December 2014
CICCCL 20 - December 2015
CICCCL 21 - December 2016
CICCCL 22 - December 2017
CICCCL 23 - December 2018

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